05-12 Fass 260gph Titanium Fuel System


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Cummins 2500/3500 2005 - 2012 260gph

This system is recommended for moderate to extreme performance applications up to 1200 HP. With this much flow there may be issues with running the fuel tank below ?? full. The fuel sump kit is recommended to reduce restriction in the factory pickup and eliminate the low fuel level issues.

The Titanium Series uses the same motor and blueprint as the larger HD Series just in a smaller package. It is designed for the pickup while utilizing all the best features of the HD series. The Titanium Series now offers flow rates up to 260gph! This size difference allows you to tuck the pump closer to the frame for better clearance and less visibility without sacrificing any of the features known to FASS systems. The Platinum will work well from stock, all the way to extreme performance applications!