HTT 64mm IHI LB7 Turbo LB7


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LB7 Stage Upgrade 64MM LB7 Stock Turbo Upgrade Reman Core charge of 600.00 Included in price

The Stage II 64mm IHI is the perfect drop-in turbocharger as both a stock replacement or mild performance upgrade. Using Borg Warner Extended Tip Technology, the 64mm compressor wheel offers a broader map and increased flow, meaning lower EGT's, more power and increased mileage. Turbocharger will have near stock driving characteristics, with no sacrifice in spool-up. This is a great option for both a performance street and towing application. Supports up to 600hp. Initial test vehicle running performance tuning, built transmission and lift pump gained 30hp/35lb-ft torque at peak and 70hp/135lb-ft torque at 3400rpms.

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