10 Ways to Make Sure Your Diesel Pick-Up Truck Tows Like a Boss

10 Ways to Make Sure Your Diesel Pick-Up Truck Tows Like a Boss

Now that you have already invested in a diesel truck, you have shown your true commitment to heavy towing.

There are even more ways to improve your truck, though, to make sure your diesel pick-up tows at full capacity. Read on to learn some of these tips and how they can help you tow like a boss.

1. Have a Capable Hitch

While trucks today may be capable of towing up to 30,000 pounds, the only way you'll reach that number is by having a usable hitch. Knowing how to choose this hitch can make a significant difference in your truck's towing ability. Also, make sure to buy any accessories that make hitching up easy and error-free.

2. Air-Flow

One of the main complaints many diesel owners have is the restrictive factory airbox. Without optimal air-flow, you are compromising your truck's maximum horsepower, torque, and MPG.

One way to improve air-flow is with a Cold Air Intake box, which will reduce the density of the air within your engine and pack more oxygen in, improving the performance of your truck over time.

3. Artificial Intelligence

While you may be a towing expert, having artificial assistance should not be overlooked. New programs have the ability to interact with your engine in order to get the most out of your truck.

From controlling horsepower to having tow-specific settings based on your load, artificial intelligence is an up-and-coming towing tool that can't be overlooked.

4. Brakes

One of the most important aspects of towing is being able to brake well with the added weight. If your truck doesn't come with a standard exhaust brake, that may be a change you want to invest in.

If you need even more braking power, consider a weeper brake kit that can add additional braking power.

5. Tires and Wheels

Another important safety factor for your diesel pick-up is what type of wheel you're using. You want wheels that can carry your goal weight, while also making sure they can last a long time. Long-last wheels can take a lot of pressure off your engine.

6. Steering

Continuing on the safety discussion, steering is a vital piece of any towing project. With inaccurate steering, you may be putting yourself, and your load, in danger.

Stability control and trailer sway control can be important additions when trying to create your ideal diesel pick-up.

7. Fuel Injections

There are new fuel injections that can upgrade your truck by 50 to 100 horsepower each. With these changes, you can maximize the power in your vehicle to increase your towing capacity.

8. Exhaust Adjustments

Following the theory that a larger exhaust capacity positively impacts the temperature in the engine, it may be time to look into a better exhaust. With this exhaust, your engine will be able to dispel more heat and improve engine power.

9. Diesel Fuel Additives

With diesel, fuel additives such as Cetane can truly make a difference in the way your engine runs. These additives can lead to an improvement in driveability, power, as well as engine noise in the long run.

10. Traction Bars

While you may not feel the difference from traction bars at first, your diesel pick-up will certainly thank you! With even a 50 horsepower difference, the structure of your car may grow weaker.

Traction bars help to offset that change by maintaining the ideal suspension geometry, rear axle position, and driveshaft and pinion angle while under load.

Upgrading to the Ideal Diesel Pick-Up

While you may definitely not need to make all of these changes, making even a few can help significantly increase your towing abilities, as well as the overall power of your vehicle.

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