4 Must-Have Diesel T-Shirts for 2019

4 Must-Have Diesel T-Shirts for 2019

Do you love Diesel? That's a silly question... What's not to love!?

Diesel engines outlast gas engines. They're more reliable. And the list of benefits goes on and on. 

You're certainly not alone. There's a huge following of diesel power truck enthusiasts all across the U.S. And there's no better way to show your love for Diesel than wearing some high-quality Diesel gear. 

Check out this article for four of our favorite must-have Diesel T-shirts to get in 2019.

1. Devil's Tools 

If you've ever heard what they say about idle hands, you'll appreciate our first choice. The Devil's Tools shirt comes in black and has a unique design that you can't miss.

The back of the shirt says "Idle hands are the devil's tools" inside what looks like a neon sign. A quirky devil with tall horns is featured in the center. It's an interesting twist on a great saying.

The front of the shirt has a similar, small design over the left chest, which says "The Devil's Tools" in neon. And the DP American flag logo, also in neon, is on the right sleeve. 

2. Diesel is Great

The Diesel is Great shirt is a faded brown, slim-fitting top to add to your collection. It has our own twist on lyrics from the Billy Currington song People Are Crazy

In the center is a faded design that looks like an old brewhouse seal. It says "Diesel is great, beer is good, and people are crazy." That's something we definitely agree with!

Under the words is a foaming mug, right out of the tap. There's no logo on the back of this one. But the DP American flag logo is on the right sleeve, drawn in the same faded script. 

3. Tribe

Looking for a longsleeved shirt? We've got you covered with our third pick, the Tribe shirt

If you're into tribal-themed gear, this is the perfect choice for you. It's a charcoal gray long sleeved, fitted t-shirt. On the back is a large tribal designed Diesel Power logo. 

The logo is colored in salmon, brown, and yellow. A similar, small logo is on the front, left chest. The DP American flag logo is on the right sleeve. 

4. Holy Grail 2.0

Version 2.0 of our popular Holy Grail shirt comes in at #4. It's a heather-gray, fitted, short-sleeved t-shirt. 

The impressive part of this shirt is the logo. It's a large, front chest logo with the words "Holy Grail" printed at the top. Under the words is a '90's style Dodge diesel, parked and ready to roll!

The truck has massive tires and a supersized lift kit. The logos are monotone in a reddish brown color. The DP American flag logo is on the right sleeve, with the holy grail cup design in the middle of the stars. 

Stock Up on Diesel T-Shirts in 2019

Your gear needs a redesign in 2019. That's why you should stock up on Diesel t-shirts and show your love for that beautiful Diesel engine!

The shirts we've listed here are some of our favorites. They have unique designs, clever wording, and great colors. All of our t-shirts are soft, fitted, and the highest quality to go with those high-quality diesel engines.

Looking for some more DP gear? Check out our gear page where we've got everything from sunglasses to cell chargers. 


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    Perhaps y’all can find one or possibly build an awesome shir

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