4 Top Tips to Avoid Getting Ripped Off When Buying a Used Diesel Truck

4 Top Tips to Avoid Getting Ripped Off When Buying a Used Diesel Truck

In 2015, almost 17.5 million new vehicles were sold in the United States. Just over half of those were pick up trucks. These days, it's all about having a truck with its many capabilities.

There's a massive demand for used trucks. The market for used pickups is expanding W growing at a rapid pace, and might even surpass the market for new trucks.

Many people simply can't afford a brand new truck. Others just don't want to lose thousands in value when they drive a new car off the lot. That's where a used diesel truck comes in.

There are millions to choose from in the U.S. and you can certainly find what you're looking for but for half the price. It's important to make sure the truck is in great working order, has proper certificates, and within your budget.

Here are four fantastic tips for buying a used truck:

1. Inspect a Used Diesel Truck with Care

When deciding what kind of engine you want in your truck, make sure and run a heavy inspection on it. They are a bit more expensive to purchase and maintain than its gas counterparts, and it's important that you're getting a quality used vehicle.

Check the coolant overflow reservoir and make sure there is no contaminated coolant. This will have affected the exhaust gas recirculation and could create future problems with the head gasket. This will create major issues that you will have spend a substantial amount of money on to repair.

2. Get a Warranty

Most used cars come with some sort of warranty. Ask what components of a used diesel truck are still under warranty. Look into the truck's drivetrain and consider the federal emissions warranty. These will cover some trucks up to eight years or 80,000 miles.

If you're buying a higher mileage car, it's extra important to find the warranties. Cars with more mileage are more likely to need more repairs, so find out where you can save through a warranty.

3. Test Drive a Used Diesel Truck

Just like dating, you need to take your future mate out for a spin. Accelerate hard and test the brakes out. See how quickly the engine and transmission get to operating temperatures.

In a 20-minute test drive (unlike dating), you'll be able to see if the car is a fit. Does the truck drive tightly or does it wander? Is there any loose play in the steering wheel?

Pay attention the how the used diesel truck operates and trust your gut.

4. Check the Transmission

Always, always, always pull back the dipstick on an automatic transmission before you make a deal on your car. The fluid in the transmission should be a little reddish but with no smell.

If you notice that the liquid is a brown color or smells off, it's possible it was major internal issues. When you test drive a manual transmission, it's important to shift into high gear during the drive and accelerate to check clutch condition.

Go Big

A used diesel truck is a great vehicle to own. From getting through tough weather situations to transporting large goods, it's a great asset to have. However, making sure the truck you're buying isn't a lemon is essential.

For more tips on buying trucks and information on shows and events, learn more here.


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