5 Signs You Need a New Diesel Transmission

Transmission failure - our bet is that it's not something you budget for on a regular basis.

The untimely death of your diesel transmission is not something that sneaks up on you though!

There are plenty of warning signs that your vehicle's transmission needs a little TLC. It may happen sooner for certain vehicle types, but at some point your transmission will require repair.

Don't leave it until it's too late and you require a full transmission rebuild- an expensive and time-consuming task!

Look out for these basic signals that your diesel transmission requires attention.

5 Signs Your Diesel Transmission Needs Repair

These warning signs do not necessarily signal impending transmission failure. But if you leave it long enough, it may just come to that!

Instead, they may just be signals that your diesel transmission is in need of a little repair.

The good news is that these repairs are generally quick and harmless if taken to the right automotive specialist.

1. Irregular Gear Shifting

Your car's gear system is integral to the transmission and overall functioning of your vehicle.

Common Gear Shifting Issues Include:

  • Gear sticking
  • Your car falling out of gear while driving
  • Your car shifting gears for no reason

If your gears are playing up, it may be time to take your car to a specialist who will need to check your transmission system.

2. Grinding or Shaking Gears

Whether your car is an automatic or manual drive, your gear system should not grind or shake at any point.

Typically, manual cars with clutch or transmission issues will display a grinding when changing gears. The gear stick of an automatic car will shake when changing gears or driving.

Don't ignore these warning signs and get your transmission checked!

3. Is Your Car Noisier Than Usual?

If your car begins to sound clunky, whiny or you notice a distinct buzzing sound coming from your gearbox, this is a sign of transmission issues.

Listen to what your car sounds like when it's standing in neutral. If it is distinctly noisier than usual, this is a sign your diesel transmission needs attention.

4. Unusually Colored Transmission Fluid

If you suspect transmission problems with your vehicle, a good way to check is to assess the color of your transmission fluid.

Healthy transmission fluid is usually a bright red color.

If your transmission fluid is a dark, opaque shade, this is a sure-fire sign your transmission needs work!

5. What Is That Smell?

Another obvious warning sign of transmission problems? A burning smell coming from under the hood of your car.

This is a sign that your transmission fluid is burning, and should be especially noticeable once you exit your car.

Likewise, it could also be a sign that your gears are grinding upon one another and causing friction, resulting in a burning smell.

This means it's high-time to get your transmission checked!

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