5 Tips to Protect Your Diesel Truck this Summer

5 Tips to Protect Your Diesel Truck this Summer

Every truck owner loves driving around in the summer. But what if summer keeps you from driving?

Summer is more dangerous to your truck than many other seasons. It's important to know how to protect your diesel truck. Keep reading for our hottest tips for the hottest months!

Why Protect Your Diesel Truck This Summer?

Summer is about more than having fun in the sun. These months actually present unique threats to your diesel truck.

The heat can pose major dangers to your cooling systems, as can dust and the stop-and-go traffic that comes from rushing to the beach. Throw in existing damage from winter that you don't know about, and your truck may be in bad shape!

Keep reading to discover 5 great truck tips for the summer!

1. Inspect the Air Conditioner

Have we mentioned summer is all about the heat? That's why your truck needs to be all about air conditioning.

Take the truck to a professional mechanic for maintenance and, if necessary, repair. Doing this as soon as you can ensure you and your friends can keep your cool when it starts getting really hot.

2. Tire Maintenance

The extra heat will do more than make you uncomfortable. It also poses an added risk to your tires.

Additional heat gets trapped in your tires, and this guarantees they'll wear out quicker. Have a mechanic inspect and rotate your tires and replace any that are too worn down with some special summer tires.

Remember, it's always good to check the tires before a major road trip!

3. Check the Coolant System

While there's never a good time for your truck to break down, it's especially annoying in the summer. And the likeliest cause of a breakdown will be your coolant system.

Summer can easily cause your truck to overheat, especially if it's been too long since you had the system flushed. A professional mechanic can inspect the coolant (including its condition and level) and let you know if's time for a flush and refill!

4. Inspect the Air Filter

When you have air issues, it's not always a complex issue. Sometimes, it's as simple as changing your air filter!

The dirtier the filter, the harder your car has to work to keep you cool. Changing the filter will help you chill out quicker while even boosting your miles per gallon!

5. Change the Oil

Hopefully, you're changing your oil at regular intervals. However, summer brings lots of extra driving, which may mean you'll need to change your oil sooner than you were anticipating.

Changing your oil before a big trip or after several smaller road trips will keep your car running smoothly and safely. Long story short? Changing your oil remains one of our top diesel truck tips!

The Bottom Line

Now you know how to protect your diesel truck this summer. However, who will help protect your diesel for the rest of the year?

That's where we come in. At Diesel Power Gear, we've got the info and equipment you need to keep on trucking throughout the year.

To see how we can keep your ride smooth, come and browse our parts today!

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