The Top 7 Reasons We Love Diesel Engines

The Top 7 Reasons We Love Diesel Engines

It's the age-old question: should you go for a diesel engine when investing in a new truck, or stick to gasoline?

You're bound to have been told about the pros and cons of diesel engines - but we're all about the pros.

Read on for our 7 reasons we think you SHOULD take the plunge and go diesel.

1. Miles and Miles

Diesel engines are a better value when it comes to mileage. This is particularly helpful when it comes to larger, heavy-duty vehicles.

Trucks with a diesel engine often offer the driver 25-30% better fuel economy than a gas engine and so fuel economy is more effective.

This, in turn, proves more cost-effective, which is always a great reason to start off a pro list.

2. Efficiency

Diesel fuel is energy dense. This is due to the fact that it reuses energy, unlike gasoline. As a result, it's economically more efficient. 

3. Turbo Power

This is the key element of a diesel engine that makes it stand out over gasoline.

In a gas truck, turbochargers aren't included, so the vehicle's exhaust immediately heads for the tailpipe. In diesel cars, turbochargers push clean air into the engine and use the exhaust gasses to drive itself.

The turbocharger uses its turbine wheel within the same pipe as a compressor wheel, which means exhaust gasses are always required so that they can formulate air into the engine. 

As a result, thermal engine efficiency is greater in a diesel vehicle.

4. Longevity

Diesel engines are more robust, and they are built this way in order to withstand high compression.

Because of this, they won't wear out quickly - and, in theory, won't require many major repairs.

Some may even last up to 900,000 miles. Whether you want the same truck for that long is up to you, but at least you've got the option with a diesel engine truck.

5. Torque

Torque measures the force that can cause an object to rotate about an axis. Thanks to the process a diesel engine uses to burn fuel, there's more torque entering the driveshaft.

This means the vehicle will be faster. An added benefit is the fact that the larger machines can out-tow gas-powered trucks. You still won't have to sacrifice fuel economy, however.

6. Ever-evolving

Another benefit to this type of engine is the industry is ever-changing, and being constantly improved.

This is partly due to pressures from government bodies to clean up the planet, which means every-day use business and passenger vehicles are leaning toward efficiency and eco-friendliness.

This means you're likely to be able to upgrade your truck or add-on extra applications or accessories to improve your existing one.

7. Noise

Many equate diesel engines with loud noise.

This is a myth that the aforementioned ever-evolving industry has addressed and dealt with.

These days, there's little difference between the noise a diesel engine makes and the sound of a gas-powered vehicle.

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  • Greta James

    It is nice to know that diesel engines are always being improved because the industry is ever-changing. I am considering getting a diesel truck because I just started a hobby farm and need a reliable vehicle for hauling hay. I should contact a professional who can help me get the best truck for my needs.

  • Paul Crockford

    This is all very warm and fuzzy, but I currently own a 2008 Duramax, and have easily $22,000.00 in repairs on the engine. My mileage is only 178,500 miles, so where is all this amazing longevity? I am not sold on any of the arguments for owning a diesel powered vehicle!

  • Zachary Tomlinson

    Wow, I had no idea that diesel-powered vehicles are known to last long while keeping the vehicle quiet while running. My brother is looking for a car to purchase within the year, and he plans to use it for office and personal use. I’ll recommend that he look for a nearby diesel fuel supplier before buying a diesel-powered car.

  • Clint Skees

    With my message from before I mis-spelled a comment ! What I meant to say was yes I made a profit but it wasn’t worth it, so hopefully when you read the short paragraph and go back up to the original one it would make sense to you, thank you very much

  • Clint Skees

    This is my 3rd diesel truck, I should have not sell it, yes I made a profit but I wised not.. it was a beautiful 4 door 2002, I changed the front fenders,hood,grill and both side wheel finders, and the tailgate, all came from a 2006 – 6.0 diesel but I have a 7.3 2002 last year of them! It look so good ppl gave me complements on the truck, asking if it was a 6.0 said no, it’s a 7.3 they couldn’t believe it and I fixed the engine as added more stuff to create more horsepower.. but yes I love diesel trucks.. on my 3rd one and it’s a Single cab 8ft bed’ I ask why a single cab’ well I miss the look of them… never will own a gas truck! So many perks to owning a diesel truck if you’ve never owned 1, take your time and buy a used one with low miles,talk to the owner and ask him Q, and take it for a ride’ remember if owner doesn’t tell you before you turn your key all the way over you should have a light light emblem showing injectors or showing diesel the reason for this is the fuel system is getting diesel to the injectors before you crank it over, The new diesel trucks you might not have to do that but since iPhone three I’ve always turn the key 3/4 of the way and waited till the diesel light went out with a bell ring that means that your fuel is up through the injectors and ready to start you never turn the key completely over on a diesel to start it until the injectors and the rest have the fuel ready for the truck to start.. I did buy a Toyota four-door 4 × 4 TRD package and after that I traded it for a F-350 again single cab as stated before.! That shows you how much diesel trucks have a power and torque or pulling anything or pulling another vehicle out of a ditch! That’s all I have to say’ DIESEL TRUCKS ARE THE WAY TO GO! Good Luck in your searching for your first love your first diesel truck! Sincerely,Clint Skees

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