Coming Clean

Coming Clean



If you use a reusable air filter in your diesel, it is important to make sure it's running in tip top condition. By spending a few dollars on a good cleaning kit now will save you an engine rebuild in the future.

The efficiency of the air filter is dependent on how clean it is. The air filter will affect how much air comes into the combustion chamber of an engine. It also keeps dirt and debris from reaching the engine.

Improper cleaning and oiling of your reusable air filter can shorten the life of your filter and potentially cause engine damage. That is the last problem you want to have with your truck.

Having a dirty filter results in less horsepower and torque, sometimes odd engine sounds, reduced fuel economy, and in some cases, the check engine light comes on.

Why do air filters need to be oiled? An oiled air filter uses a cotton material that has less restriction. However, due to the larger openings in the cotton you need a coating of oil to catch the dirt and debris so it won't reach your engine. The cotton and oil combined allow more air flow which creates more power in your engine.

Reusable filters are designed to last for years if they are taken care of. It is important to make sure that you clean and recharge the filter with the oil at the proper intervals. You also need to follow the instructions with your filter and cleaning kit to make sure it is coated with oil properly.

Restore the air flow with ease with the recharger kit from K&N. The kit comes with K&N Power Kleen to dissolve dirt buildup and old oil, and then after the filter is washed and dried, apply the bottle of oil. Your air filter will look and work like new again!

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