Comfort Camping in Your Diesel

Comfort Camping in Your Diesel



Are you a fan of the great outdoors? Do you like to camp in comfort? We have just the thing for you! Here at Diesel Power Gear we offer more than just parts to improve and upgrade your beloved diesel. Find all sorts of accessories that will make your summer a little more fun here.


If you are an avid outdoor enthusiast, then a mattress from AirBedz should be at the top of your list. These unique mattresses are designed to fit entirely inside the bed of your truck including over the wheel wells. (Wheel well inserts are also available to purchase to transform the truck bed mattress into a standard mattress to use in a tent or even at home.)


Available in long bed or short bed lengths, these mattresses are made from heavy-duty cloth and are more puncture resistant than your typical air mattress. This takes truck-bed camping to the next level. It's where convenience and comfort meet!


Airbedz mattresses are perfect for all your weekend overnight getaways and mountain retreats. Rest assured you will get a good night's sleep. Each mattress comes with a built-in rechargeable pump to easily inflate and deflate the mattress with only a flip of the switch. It's easy to stow away and carry with the bag and shoulder strap that it comes with.


Shop Airbedz and other accessories here. Remember that each purchase goes towards our giveaway. Summer is calling, are you ready? Time to bring comfort and camping together with an Airbedz mattress.

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