Are Retread Tires a Smart Investment for Your Diesel Truck?

Are Retread Tires a Smart Investment for Your Diesel Truck?

Getting new truck tires is never particularly fun or exciting, but it's a frequent necessary expense all the same. Most tire treads will wear out within 3-4 years, and not replacing them could make for some pretty dangerous driving, especially in hazardous conditions.

However, the treads wear down far quicker than the entirety of the tire does. So if you don't want to shell out for an entirely brand new set of tires every couple of years, you have an alternative: retread tires.

They're a far better investment for your truck, and they're just as safe and reliable as new tires. Read on...we'll explain everything.

What Are Retread Tires?

The exterior portion of a tire is called the casing. The casing is made up of three different parts: the sidewalls, the bead (the part of the tire that meets the rim), and the tread. 

The tread is, of course, is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. This part wears down rapidly, while the rest of the tire is completely fine (barring unusual damage). 

When you get your tires replaced with an entirely new set, you are throwing out a lot of perfectly fine rubber! Retread tires, however, allow you to just replace the tread. This way, you save a ton of money and stay environmentally friendly in the process.

Do They Last as Long as New Tires?

The auto world is filled with skeptics, especially when it comes to sparing expenses. For whatever reason (probably good marketing), people feel more at ease when they take the more expensive route. 

But retread tires last just as long as brand new tires. Many people think those scraps of blown-out tires on the freeway are the result of poor tire retreads, but let's examine the facts of the situation: the majority of tire blowouts are the result of low tire pressure and uncontrollable environmental hazards

The treads on retreads are just as brand new as the treads on an entirely new tire, so they'll last just as long.

Are They Just as Safe?

Many people also worry about the safety of retread tires. Again, this is also all for naught. Retreads go under the same exact inspections, tests, and examinations as all other tires do. 

The important thing to keep in mind is that you have to make sure to get your tires retreaded by professionals at a reputable tire "recapper" shop. As long as you do that, and maintain adequate tire pressure, and inspect them for damage from potholes and other hazards, your tires will be totally fine.

Need More Trucking Advice?

Hopefully, this article has convinced you of the benefits of retread tires. If you're a frugal trucker looking to spend your money wisely, they're the best way to go. If you need more advice on your buying decisions, be sure to check out our article on buying the best used diesel trucks

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