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Auto Guages



Have you heard the saying, "It's all in the details?" Having a high performance gauge mounted to your dash, A-pillar, or console will really make your interior stand out. Your diesel will not only feel like a performance beast, but sport the look too. Gauges are a critical part of making sure your rig is performing as it should. Whether you are towing your favorite trailer, or throwing your pedal to the metal, it's important to keep a close eye on your engine vitals to prevent any mechanical failure.


Auto Meter makes some of our favorite gauges on the market today.

Auto Meter has been around for 60 years and continues to develop industry-leading electronics for racing vehicles and performance driven car and truck drivers. Their rev control and quick responding tachometers as well as their LCD competition data acquisition systems have put them at the top of the chart for performance product technology.


Being able to monitor your exact exhaust temperature on your diesel can mean the difference between maximum performance and catastrophic engine damage. Auto Meter’s Digital Stepper Motor display is combined with a high definition LED backlighting to make viewing your exhaust temperature easy and give you accurate information.


If you tow a lot and your truck does not have a transmission temperature gauge, then you may also want to install one of their electronic temperature gauges and sensor to monitor your transmission temperatures on those long haul trips.


Want to know what kind of boost pressure your truck is making? Installing an Auto Meter boost gauge will let you brag a bit about how much boost you are generating. If you are doing performance mods this will help you see what kind of benefits you are getting from your mods.


Details do matter! Customize your interior and monitor your performance today.

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