Top 5 Must Haves to Bling Your Ride

Top 5 Must Haves to Bling Your Ride



Want to show off some Diesel Power Gear pride? Why not give your truck some eye catching accessories! We absolutely adore our customers and appreciate seeing our DPG logos, emblems, and trademark bearded items on your beloved vehicles.

Here are some favorite accessories to add bling and style.


  1. .50 Cal Antenna - If your truck sports one of the long antennas, why not swap it out for this classy looking small antenna! It comes in four colors and is made out of billet aluminum. What's more American then a .50 Cal?


  1. Hitch Cover - With your choice of the bearded classic emblem or the DP logo, add style to your ride when you are not towing. The cover is made out of laser cut steel that is powder coated. It's designed to fit 2" receiver hitches.


  1. License Plate Frame - Accent your license plate with the Diesel Power metal frame and show your true diesel spirit.


  1. Bearded Skull Hang-A-Hitch - Tired of killing your knee or shin on the hitch of your truck when you're not towing? The Bearded Skull Hang-A-Hitch is the solution. It mounts in the bed of your truck or can be mounted on your trailer. Just remove your hitch and install it on the Hang-A-Hitch. It will keep it out of the way and still look good with the bearded skull design.


  1. Emblems - If you are a Ford or Dodge owner and you really want your ride to stand out, then take a look at our Bearded Skull Ram or DP Ram emblems and our Ford DP emblem. These can be installed in the place of your standard Ford or Dodge emblems to give your truck a unique look. Sorry Chevy guys, nothing for you on this one yet.


So get your truck ready for the summer, make it bling, and show your Diesel Power Gear pride. All of these products are made out of high quality materials right here in the good 'ol USA.


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  • Donee

    Billet is all fine bro, but 150 $ for a PC of 2 inch sq stock and a clevis is wrong way to treat customers on Christmas.

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