Is Your Truck in Tow Mode?

Is Your Truck in Tow Mode?



Diesel trucks are absolute kings for towing. They can easily tow between 15,000 and 30,000 pounds. We know that a good hitch makes all the difference. From pulling a motorcycle trailer, camp trailer, or boat, how do you know which is the best hitch for the job?


If you follow the builds that we give away, we use the BulletProof hitch. Why? Because we only use the best. If you remember Thunder and Lightning, they each proudly sported this versatile hitch.


What sets BulletProof hitches apart from the rest of the competition? Well, the makers wanted to be able to tow any type of trailer with just one hitch. So the strongest, most durable, and versatile hitch was created.


While some manufacturers use hollow boxes for their hitches, BulletProof hitches are made from all American solid steel in 2", 2.5" and 3". Then they are coated with a high quality epoxy powder coat to keep them lasting for years. No need to worry about them rusting after just a couple of uses.


You can quickly adjust the height of your hitch with quick pins that only take a few seconds to remove and replace at what ever height you need. You can tow any trailer up to 30,000 pounds at any level because of the drop hitch.


You can get the hitch with 2 different balls sizes for the most common size hitches that you will tow. They also offer a number of different accessories like tow shackles, pintle style hitch attachments, and locking pins to keep your attachments safe and secure.


These hitches have gone through a lot of rigorous testing with agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, DOT, and the US Military. They are built to last!


Consolidate your hitches into one with the strong and functional BulletProof Hitch and make it the last hitch that you will ever need.