Bump Up Your Look

Bump Up Your Look


truck bumpers

Is it time for your truck to have a slight makeover? Maybe you want something to help safeguard your new truck in case of an accident? One of the ways to beef up the look of your truck and protect it is to add a bumper.

Bumpers do a number of things for your truck. The first and most important part is to prevent damage to the rest of your truck in case of a front end accident. The stock bumpers on new trucks are made of very thin material or possibly even plastic. So if you happen to meet up with a deer or other large animal in the middle of the road at night, there is a good chance your truck will not escape unharmed.

What can you do? You can look at aftermarket bumpers.

Most of the aftermarket bumpers today are designed to offer additional protection for the front of your truck along with being visually appealing. Some offer a place to add a winch in case you need some additional pull. Some bumpers give you room and options to add some extra lighting.

There are a number of different styles and types of bumpers out there. You can choose the level of protection you want by installing just a bumper or picking one that extends up and protects your grille and headlights. You can choose from aluminum or steel.

Aluminum won't rust and is lighter, so it does not add a ton of extra weight to your truck. The steel bumpers are somewhat stronger, but this adds a larger amount of weight. As far as rust, you can get them painted or powder coated. This will help keep them looking good for many years.

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