What to Know About the Mini Duramax

What to Know About the Mini Duramax



In the truck world, there seems to be much focus on full-size pickups, but what if you don't need a truck quite that big. Perhaps you just want a reliable daily driver that will not only save some of your hard earned cash at the fuel pump, but will also give you the option for towing and hauling things. Chevrolet's Colorado may be just what you are looking for.


The market for midsize pickups is on the rise. Automakers are offering an impressive selection of midsize trucks that are often comparable to some of the full-size pickups today.


With an appealing lineup of engine choices, the Colorado is certainly making its mark.

Choose from a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine, a 3.6L V6, or even a 2.8L Duramax. You read that right, a 4-cylinder turbo diesel. Chevrolet finally said "I do" a few years ago, and married the beloved diesel engine with the midsize pickup. The end result is a fuel efficient daily driver that also boasts the best-in-class tow rating.


The Duramax has been a popular name in the diesel world for years. Chevy focused on durability and fuel economy as the main drivers for the Colorado. The mini Duramax is an in-line 4 cylinder with a variable geometry turbo charger and a high pressure common rail injection system. This combined with dual overhead camshafts help the turbo diesel produce 181 horse power with 369 lb-ft of torque, and gives the Colorado the ability to tow 7,600 lbs when properly equipped. Another top honor is the best-in-class fuel economy with an EPA rated 20 city and 28 hwy mpg.


The Duramax is a $4000 upgrade, but if you are a true diesel lover, then no price compares to the power and benefit of owning a diesel engine.


The Colorado is available in a short or long bed and offers a number of different trim packages to suit your individual needs. One of the most popular is the ZR2 package, which was built more for the off-road enthusiast who wants to really take a vehicle to its limits.   The ZR2 comes with more rugged purpose built accessories, a wider stance, and an option that includes an off-road mode.


Chevy has made improvements in the inside of the cab over the years. The Colorado boasts a quiet and comfortable ride for up to 5 passengers with the option of the crew cab. From a heated steering wheel and seats, to the Bose® Sound System, choose unique features and accessories to fit your style.


So take a look at what the Colorado has to offer, select your options, and get out and explore the unknown!


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