Stick It To Ya

Stick It To Ya



If you drive a truck with a manual transmission, keep reading.


How do you know if it's time to upgrade your clutch? If you have made modifications to your engine for more horsepower, if you are over your truck's rated towing capacity, or maybe your clutch is just worn out, then it's time for a new clutch.


Do you experience hard shifts in and out of gear? Is it jumpy when you take off from letting out your clutch? Do you hear noise when you press in your clutch? These are some symptoms of a clutch problem or a worn out clutch and reasons why you should look at upgrading to a stronger clutch.

With so many options out there, how do you know which clutch is best for your truck? Many tend to think going with the biggest clutch out there is the answer, but this is not always the case. You need to look at what you use your truck for. In choosing a company to go with, South Bend Clutch is a front runner.


South Bend Clutch is a 4th generation family owned and operated business. They have numerous years of experience that allows them to provide the best clutch options for any vehicle or application.


If you need clutch that can handle daily driving or even possibly something a little beefier for truck pulling or even drag racing, then they have a clutch for you.  


Clutches are available in a few options: single disc, dual disc, and multi disc. They come complete with new pressure plates and throw out bearings. You can even get it complete with a new flywheel, which is recommended if you have had a lot of slippage since the flywheel surface could be cracked and warped.


Single disc clutches come in all stock diesel pickups. With friction surfaces on either side, this is what transfers the power between the engine and the transmission. Single discs are good for daily driving and light towing. Dual discs are good for trucks that tow heavy loads. They allow for more horsepower. A dual disc has four friction surfaces that hold the power. Multi disc clutches are used for drag racing and competition use because they have stronger friction power.


Aftermarket clutches are built to last much longer than a stock clutch. So release that old worn out clutch to the scrap bin and upgrade with a South Bend clutch today.

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