Spring Into Action

Spring Into Action



Does your truck have coil springs and not sit at the same ride height anymore? Have you noticed any sagging? If you have replaced your shocks and other parts of your suspension system and your ride still doesn't perform like it should, then take a closer look at your coil springs.


Coil springs are part of some vehicles' suspension. Most trucks only have them on the front, while some of the newer Jeeps have them on the front and rear. There are a couple of ways a coil spring is used. The first style is a coil that fits inside of a spring pocket on the top and bottom. Then the shock is mounted separately. The other style is called coil over where the shock is inside of the coil, but the shock holds the coil spring as one unit.


Most coil springs will last for years, but if you overload the vehicle or your suspension is rusted it can cause the spring to weaken and not support the weight like it should.


By swapping out your old coil springs for some aftermarket upgrades, you are improving the ride of your truck. You may also replace them if you want longer springs to increase your ride height.  

Manufacturers recommend to change out coil springs in pairs and since you are going to all that work, it might be worth it to replace the shocks as well, especially if you choose longer springs.


Take a look at Skyjacker® for any of your suspension needs. They have been in the suspension market for over 40 years and offer top of the line coil springs. Each spring is engineered to go along with the vehicle's suspension characteristics.   They are made from high quality 5160H chromium alloy, which allows for greater strength and a longer life. The powder coat will protect the spring for all your on and off-road adventures and keep it looking good against the harshest of elements.


Spring into action and ride easy with upgraded coil springs.


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