Could Diesel Power Be Your Saving Grace During Hurricane Season?

Could Diesel Power Be Your Saving Grace During Hurricane Season?

Can diesel power save you during hurricane season?

In 2017, there were 17 storms, 10 of which were hurricanes and 6 were major hurricanes. Hurricane Jose wiped out Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico and Houston are still recovering from hurricane strikes. A hurricane even struck the United Kingdom.

There may be only 14 storms predicted in 2018, but with this kind of volatility, you need to be sure you're ready for anything.

Read on to learn why you'll want to rely on diesel fuel should a crisis hit your area.

Power Outages During Hurricanes

Hurricanes are defined as a low-pressure system that forms in subtropical waters and rotates. There are thunderstorms in the system and it has sustained winds of at least 75 miles per hour.

With winds that strong for a long period of time, trees get knocked down into power lines. Lighting can also hit a transformer, which can cause the power to go out in a wide area.

After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, it took almost two weeks for power to be restored. Some areas had to wait even longer.

The effects of extended power outages are far-reaching. Businesses can't operate, and if they could, customers won't venture out to visit them.

You have to live like it's the dark ages. You don't have light, food in the refrigerator is spoiled, and your house is probably very cold.

Diesel Works for Emergency Responders

The reason why diesel power becomes an important part of such situations is that that's what fuels rescue and recovery efforts.

If the power's out, who's going to be able to save whom?

First responders rely on diesel technology to power ambulances and fire trucks. Hospitals rely on diesel to keep the lights on.

Think about how water gets treated in an emergency situation. With no power, you might not have running water or clean drinking water.

Municipal water treatment plants use diesel power to provide clean drinking water and protecting the public's health.

How Should You Get Ready for Hurricanes?

There are things that you can do to prepare for a hurricane. The first thing is to get a plan together and build a preparedness kit.

The next thing to do is to figure out what you need from a diesel powered generator and where you want to locate it.

If your home or business is in a flood zone, you want the generator placed so it doesn't get submerged.

If you already have a generator for your home, then you'll need to make sure its well-maintained. Be sure to run it every couple of months, and change the oil and filters as needed.

Diesel Power Saves You from Disaster

You can't control if or when a hurricane or natural disaster strikes your area. You certainly can't control when the power goes out.

In either event, you can be prepared just like emergency services and centers by having diesel-powered trucks and generators on hand.

If you want to know more about diesel power, you've come to the right place. Check out our blog for the latest news.

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