Diesel Clothing: 5 Bestseller Must-Haves for 2017

Diesel Clothing: 5 Bestseller Must-Haves for 2017

The Diesel Brothers have brought us a lot of excitement and entertainment with their love of customizing and powering up diesel trucks.

Their new TV show is taking off with a storm, which means watching their adventures is even easier than ever before. What better way to celebrate that shared love in the raw power of diesel trucks than to put it on display with some really awesome clothing?

We've collected some of the most popular Diesel clothing of 2017 so that you won't miss out on a thing!

1. Ace of Spades

This black and white t-shirt gives the wearer a super clean design to wear.

The front is largely plain except for a small addition of a white skull and "Diesel Powered" text centered inside of a minimalistic diamond. On the back, this motif is repeated but in more detail, and with the words "Ace of Spades" written in bold letters above it.

On the sleeve is the American flag in black and white to match the rest of the design.

This is a sleek design that is both edgy and cool with its monochromatic color scheme and the stark lines that strike through the design. There's no wonder why it's one of the best choices for this year!

2. Pocket Tee

This new t-shirt is a great addition to any casual outing, whether it's out to dinner or for those casual days at work.

It's a white t-shirt that comes with a pocket in the top-left corner, perfect for holding some pens or other small items to keep your hands free. Printed on the pocket is a flash of red with our favorite words "Diesel Powered" written in stylish lettering.

This t-shirt is new and trendy while being useful at the same time!

3. Cursive

This t-shirt is a perfect choice for any woman wanting to have a cute and simple design.

Coming in a slate-gray color, it uses a swirly font to write "Diesel Power" across the front. On the sleeve is the same text but in a much smaller and cleaner font near the hem.

The cool-toned color and the style of the font makes this a really nice addition to any wardrobe!

4. Racks & Stacks

A t-shirt that is also available for our younger crowd, this black shirt shows off its style in gold, silver, and white.

Front and center is a silver skull with golden horns that wrap around the rest of the design. "Diesel Power" and "Racks & Stacks" are written on the shirt, as well as the iconic "DP" that a lot of the Diesel clothing has.

This shirt is one of the favorites, and with the classic combination of gold, silver and black, it's not much of a mystery as to why!

5. Freedom Hoodie

This patriotic hoodie is perfect for the cooler months ahead.

Coming in a stark black color with the powerful combo of our red, white, and blue flag within the words "Diesel Power", it is a striking design that will forever remain a classic and stylish choice.

Not only that, but it's comfortable and warm as well!

Diesel Clothing Continues to Impress

With these pieces in your wardrobe, you won't lack the kind of style that is both eye-catching and strong. There are even more clothes of this caliber waiting to be found in Diesel Power Gear.

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  • Dale McCarthy Jr.

    Love the gear. Dave’s DP dirty flag hoodie has given me a good laugh several times. My wife thinks I got I dirty and is frustrated that she can’t get it clean. I’ll never tell her it don’t come clean. Keep up the great program.

  • Paula Kennedy

    Love you guys, but you need more products on here. example the blue T-shirt heavy d is wearing on here & you need way more options for women’s clothes.. I bet they are a huge part of your audience.
    Also what about Brodoser T-shirt’s, toys, trucks & clothes.
    Last thing sorry,, if your shirts run small you need either a size chart on here or have different people model. Put the muscle & overkill in a shirt & say what size they are wearing. Then put dj or a small guy in small shirt. That way we have a visual..
    Thank you!!!
    Paula Kennedy

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