Diesel or Gas? Here's Why Diesel Is the Right Answer

Diesel or Gas? Here's Why Diesel Is the Right Answer

Diesel or gas?

The debate has been going on for years, but with so many options available now, it's harder than ever for most buyers to figure out which is right for them.

If you're looking to pick up a new ride, but can't decide between gas and diesel, keep reading to see why diesel is the right answer.

Made to Go the Extra Mile

From the ground up, diesel is made to go the distance.

Unlike their gasoline-burning counterparts that require spark plugs for ignition, diesel engines create super high compression levels to get the ignition process going.

This process requires diesel-powered engines to be built to much higher standards. Being built to handle the demands of higher compression, diesel naturally tends to last longer and hold up to more significant demands.

Bring on the Power

The high compression created by the design of diesel engines also helps these motors create lots of power.

Known for their use in industrial machines, heavy equipment, and big trucks, diesel can really crank out the power for long periods of time. Part of this is due to the high compression and part of it is a result of the high efficiency of diesel fuel.

The extra torque diesel motors can produce gives them a big advantage over traditional gasoline powered trucks and cars.

Loud and Dirty No More

One of the biggest complaints many have had with diesel engines in the past is that they are dirty and loud, pumping black smoke into the air like a chimney.

While this was once true of many diesel vehicles, especially big trucks, modern diesel cars and trucks are every bit as clean and quiet as their gasoline counterparts.

Advances in engine technology have made these motors more efficient than ever and newer, low sulfur diesel fuel burns cleaner and doesn't produce black smoke.

Superb Resale Values

If you're trying to decide between diesel or gas, another great reason to go with a diesel is the resale value.

While make and model often play a big role in resale values, diesel engines often add a healthy amount to a vehicle’s value. Remember: diesel engines are durable, long lasting engines, which is something that matters to most used car buyers.

Diesel cars and trucks also tend to cost a bit more when new, which is also something that adds to long term value.

The King of Fuel Efficiency

One of the biggest reasons to buy a diesel is the improved fuel efficiency.

Compared to gas, diesel burns more efficiently and the simpler design of diesel motors helps them take advantage of fuel more efficiently than gas engines.

With rising fuel prices and increased regulation, it's more important than ever to have a vehicle that gets the best mileage possible.

Diesel or Gas?

If you’re trying to decide between diesel or gas, the winner should be clear.

Diesel engines give drivers more power and greater fuel efficiency; something that's important for drivers of all types.

Remember, diesel engines come in vehicles of all types. Check out our recent article on diesel SUVs.

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