Diesel Truck Enthusiasts' Truck Technologies of 2019

Diesel Truck Enthusiasts' Truck Technologies of 2019

Diesel has been around since 1892 and it remains one of the most reliable automotive technologies on the market. New strides are being made in diesel every day but some of the best new diesel truck technologies are still to come.

Diesel engines don't have the best reputation but cutting edge technologies are working to turn that around. With a focus on reducing emissions and improving performance, the future of diesel is looking bright.

Here's a primer on the best new diesel technologies of 2019. 

Hydrogen Injection Systems

The U.S. Army has been experimenting with proprietary on-demand hydrogen injection systems. The results are promising for the future of diesel.

The system saw improved mileage in the test vehicle, a 2000 FL80 oil truck. It also improved air quality, a big deal in the world of notoriously environmentally unfriendly diesel.

The system was designed by Commercial Hydrogen, Inc and tested by a local CAT Army contract mechanic.

Lower-Emission Technology

One of the biggest downsides to choosing diesel is emissions. Diesel gets a bad rap for being environmentally unfriendly but new advances are going a long way to solving the problem.

A new system has been developed to promote low-pollutant diesel operation. It works by replacing the traditional injection system with a common rail injection system with increased pressure. The result allows for multiple injections per cycle.

Trucks with this improved system are expected to have improved fuel consumption as well as fewer CO2 emissions.


After-treatment technology is being developed to help reduce the emissions associated with diesel. 

Created by Borsch, the technology involves a NOx storage converter that is added to a modular system. It's proven to reduce both high and low-temperature exhaust emissions.

Turbo Lag Prevention

A combination of low speed and engine load can lead to turbo lag, something diesel is notorious for. Thankfully, new technologies are being developed to help prevent turbo lag.

The latest electric turbochargers work to improve turbo lag, making trucks more efficient at low speeds. It also helps improve the fuel economy.

Changing Compression Ratio

Compression ratio works to keep a diesel engine stable. It's used primarily when starting the engine but can also work towards improving fuel consumption and reducing emissions.

New technology is working towards improving engine efficiency by changing the compression ratio.

Cylinder Firing Technology

There has been extensive experimentation with cylinder deactivation over the years. 2019 isn't any different.

Essentially, cylinder firing technology helps increase the number of cylinders firing in an engine at any one time. This helps the engine perform better. It also aids with controlling the exhaust temperature and allows for digital signal processing of the cylinder deactivation.

The Best New Diesel Truck Technologies Are Still to Come

Great strides are being made in diesel. With technologies aimed at reducing emissions, optimizing performance, and increasing fuel efficiency, it's no wonder diesel is experiencing a resurgence of popularity.

And the most exciting part? The best new diesel truck technologies are still to come.

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