Dress Up Your Axles

Dress Up Your Axles



Want to turn heads while people check out your covers on your front and rear end? Upgrade to an aftermarket differential cover.   Not only do aftermarket covers add a stylish touch, they oftentimes offer more oil capacity and provide better cooling to keep those wheels turning.


Differential covers protect the gears from dirt and moisture and keep the fluid from leaking out. These covers also protect the housing so it doesn't flex while under load.   They also must be able to withstand the bumps and bruises from your off-road adventures, and dissipate the heat from causing problems inside the differential.


Stock differential covers are made of stamped steel. The problem with steel is that it eventually will wear at the bottom and bend and can peel away.


Advanced FLOW engineering (aFe) brings protection to your truck's rear-end. They have created some lightweight differential covers with better heat reducing designs, while adding a sporty, yet stylish look. These covers are constructed out of aluminum with reinforced ribs for maximum strength. For supreme cooling, it has built-in internal and external fins that transfer the heat from the fluid to the outside air. A magnetic drain plug catches the debris for great protection.


AFe has been specializing in diesel truck performance for the past 19 years. In 2012, they started their line of differential covers.


Dress up those axles and give your diesel the protection and look it deserves.

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