Stack Up the Performance

Stack Up the Performance


exhaust stacks

What do you think of exhaust stacks on a truck? Either you love them or you hate them. However, despite your personal opinion, vertical stacks actually serve a purpose. There are a couple of reasons why you might want to put exhaust stacks on your truck.


Let's weigh the pros and cons.



  1. Performance boost    
  2. Maximum exhaust flow - With the exhaust now vertical, fumes quickly rise and can exit maximizing the flow of exhaust.
  3. Lower exhaust gas temperature (EGT) - With the temperature now lower, this enables more power and is better for your engine.
  4. Better sound - Some would argue the sound is more powerful and just sounds good.
  5. Gives an aggressive, bold look to your truck. You can customize to look any way you want if your wallet is full enough.
  6. Exterior looks of the stacks will last longer because they aren't pelted with road salt, rocks, and debris.



  1. Takes up bed space - There is less space available in your bed to haul your loads.
  2. Puts holes in your bed that are irreversible.
  3. Loud cab noise - With the exhaust right behind the cab, that means the sound resonates more into the cab of the truck. Conversations might be tricky!
  4. If you choose straight end stacks they will catch everything that comes down like snow and rain. This will cause rust inside the pipe.
  5. Exhaust soot can cover anything you put in your bed or what you tow.
  6. Some states require the exhaust to exit behind the rear tire.


If you are one who loves the aftermarket craze of stacks, then MBRP is your product. Give your truck that drag racer's edge with stacks. The power and performance that stacks offer will show off the look and functionality of your ride. Available in chrome, aluminum, or stainless steel, stacks are durable and made to weather the conditions, and with several sizes available you will certainly find one that suits your ride.


Be the beast on the road and off. Give your truck the aggressive look of vertical stacks.

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