The Finishing Tip

The Finishing Tip



Diesel trucks are known for their sound, especially if they are an older make and model. The bigger the exhaust, typically the louder the sound. No one is going to crawl under your truck to see what type of exhaust you have, but they will easily notice the exhaust tip that releases the roaring sound.


Exhaust tips make your truck stand out by providing a little extra shine. All eyes will be on the tip instead of the exhaust system that gets a little rusty over time. Replacing your whole exhaust system is costly. However, adding a tip is an economical and easy upgrade for your ride.


If you have a new truck and want to stay with the stock exhaust, but want a little more shine than the what the stock tip gives, then you might want to consider upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust tip. Or maybe you just want to shine up your old exhaust and put a little bling on the end. Whatever need or want you have, we can help.


We offer a variety of exhaust tips from AFE and Flo-Pro. Each manufacturer

offers a number of different styles and sizes to your liking. You can choose a stainless steel tip that is polished to a mirror finish, black powder coat, or even a black chrome finish.


Most tips slide over your existing exhaust and then are clamped on with an attached clamp on the tip already. However, there are options to weld them on or use a separate band clamp, if needed.


Finish your exhaust off right with a shiny new tip of your choice.

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