Add Some Flare to Your Truck

Add Some Flare to Your Truck



Have you upgraded your truck with oversized wheels and tires? Then aftermarket fender flares are a must to protect the body of your truck from the dirt and debris the tires spin up. Fender flares add a bold aggressive look to your already cool ride! Whether you are heading to the dunes, off to the mountains, or just plain cruising the highway, look and feel good with some fender flares from Bushwacker.


Bushwacker fender flares were designed with style in mind. All the offered styles are made from Dura-Flex® 2000 material and have added UV protection that prevents warping, cracking and chalking. Engineered for more durability and flexibility, they are made to last for years to come. All styles come in a black matte finish, which you can leave as is, or you can easily splash on some custom paint to match or accent the body color of your truck.

Choose from these styles:

OE Style Fender Flares - Compliment your truck with these stylish and sleek flares. Your truck will look like it came off the showroom floor. Installation only takes minutes.

Extend a Fender Flare - Give your truck a smooth, contoured look with these flares. They go over the top easily with no drilling or cutting and provides greater protection from dirt and debris than the OE Style.

Cut Out Fender Flares - Stand out with these fender flares that were designed for maximum off-road adventures where you need a little more tire clearance. They require cutting the body sheet metal to fit and then easily bolt on with stainless steel hardware.

Pocket Style Fender Flares - Be an off-road icon with these Bushwacker originals. This style has a more rugged look without the cut-out holes in the flare. These flares go well with lift kits and oversized tires, and are simple to install without drilling.

Adding some "flare" to your truck is easy, improves the look and will give it the protection it needs for years to come.