Ford F-150 Powerstroke Diesel

Ford F-150 Powerstroke Diesel




For years, Ford has led the competition in many areas when it comes to trucks. This year is definitely no exception. The F-150, America's best-selling truck for 35 years, is now in the spotlight. Ford has jumped on the bandwagon with Dodge and Chevy who currently have a diesel option for their light-duty or mid size trucks.

Available this month, a new 3.0 Liter Powerstroke turbodiesel V6 joins the F-150 lineup. Yes, you heard that right! The 2018 F-150 truck now comes with the option to have a diesel engine, which packs 250 of horsepower and 444 lb-ft of torque. This is a slight increase above Dodge's EcoDiesel.

Ford is already boasting best-in-class towing and payload capacity with the new diesel option because it is rated to tow up to 11,400 pounds and to haul a maximum payload of 2020 pounds.  

However, what Ford is really excited about is the fuel economy. The F-150 diesel has the highest EPA - estimated ratings available in a full-size pickup truck: 30 mpg highway, 22 mpg city, and 25 mpg combined. No other truck out there offers this.

Many say you can't even tell that it's a diesel because it's so quiet inside the cab and outside, either idling or under full throttle. The Powerstroke’s fuel injectors are also new and covered with insulating “socks” to quiet out the noise, as is the new fuel pump.  

With updated styling and tech improvements, inside the cab is spacious and loaded with all the comforts one would need.

The Powerstroke V6 diesel will be offered in the 2018 Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum models, with SuperCrew trucks able to be ordered with either the 5.5- or 6.5- foot bed and SuperCab trucks with the 6.5- foot bed.

Just remember, you'll have to pay an extra $4,000 -- on top of the Lariat model's $41,515, or $3,000 for the King Ranch model (MSRP, $51,930), and Platinum model (MSRP, $54,485) -- just for having the diesel option!

So if you are in the market for a brand new light-duty truck that's efficient, powerful, and capable, then this Ford F-150 may be the option for you!


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  • Nicholas Buchanan

    I would love to get a ford truck built for me. But I’m only getting $13-$15k in cash. I’ve looked all over places for a newer model of a Ford truck with low mileage and low price of $13-$15k in cash. And I have no luck finding any at all. I don’t know if you guys would build me a ford truck or not. So I’m just leaving a comment. Have a great day.

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