Fire It Up

Fire It Up



Does your diesel engine start up like it should? Especially when it's cold, is it hard to start? If you answered yes to these questions, then you might want to take a look at replacing the glow plugs.


A glow plug is a heating element that is located in each cylinder of a diesel engine. It uses battery voltage to heat the element. This heat helps the diesel fuel to ignite during the starting process of a diesel engine. Without this extra heat in the cylinders it can cause hard starting (the engine will crank over and possibly smoke out the exhaust, but it won't start.)


Not only do glow plugs help in the start up during cold months, they also help reduce the start up smoke after the engine is running.


Two common reasons glow plugs burnout quickly are the use of starting fluid (ether) and cranking the engine while the glow plugs are heating. These are big NO, NO's!


Swap out those faulty glow plugs with new plugs from Dipaco. Dipaco has been around since 1948 serving the diesel aftermarket in the engine and fuel injection area.


Help your diesel engine fire up in the cold months with ease with high quality glow plugs today!

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