Failure Is Not An Option

Failure Is Not An Option



Do you want to upgrade your truck with a larger turbo charger or tune your truck for more power? Then head studs are an absolute must to keep the power from escaping your diesel's engine.


Stock engines use bolts to clamp the cylinder head to the engine block with a gasket in-between. This seal keeps the power of the engine's combustion held within the cylinder, which is what produces power. When you start producing more power this combustion pressure increases and the stock head bolts are just not up to the task. With bolts you can only apply so much twisting torque before the threads eventually pull out of the block.


Studs, on the other hand, are threaded on both ends. They are put into the block and do not twist. Instead a nut is installed onto the stud and you are able to apply more torque to the nut, which then gives higher clamping load. This will keep the cylinder head in place and keep it from blowing out the head gasket.


Automotive Racing Products (ARP) offers some of the best head studs on the market today. They have been producing high grade fasteners for the racing and automotive industry since 1968. This business was started in answer to engines that were failing due to fastener failures. Racers need fasteners that would keep their engines from coming apart due to the high stress put on them. So ARP came to the rescue with fasteners that would fit the bill. They created fasteners that were made to high standards and use materials that were designed to withstand more abuse.


ARP has bolts and studs for just about every engine and drivetrain out there. If you are one who likes to push your vehicle to the limit, then ARP offers fasteners that will give you security and piece of mind.  


Also if your truck has higher mileage and you have been experiencing head gasket leakage, you might want to consider installing head studs at the same time that you replace your head gasket. This will give you extra insurance to keep your heads sealed for years to come.


Keep your engine running in beast mode with head studs because failure is not an option!

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