Riding Dirty? Here's How to Choose the Best Mud Flaps for Your Truck

Riding Dirty? Here's How to Choose the Best Mud Flaps for Your Truck

The best mud flaps for your truck won't just keep it clean. It will also give it some style and say something about you, too.

But "mud flaps" is a pretty broad term. They can come with different features, protect against certain things (or not), and even save you money. If nothing else, we're sure the last one got your attention.

There's a lot to consider. From buying a full kit, to the right fit, to how much they weigh (and why that matters), it's good to have a guide.

Let's take a look at the best way to choose mud guards for your tires, and why it matters.

Why Mud Flaps?

So why does having mud flaps for your car matter? Why do mud flaps matter?

Well, for starters, they were invented in the nineteenth century, and have stuck around. Why? Because they'll keep your fenders cleaner, which can save you money on car washes. They will protect your paint, which could save you money on touch ups down the road.

And, they are often customized to exactly how you'd like them to look. Your mud flaps are the kind of gear that says something about you, too.

What To Look For

When it comes to choosing the right splash guards for your diesel truck, you'll want to keep some of the following things in mind. 

Front or Back?

Mud flaps can either come in front only, rear only, or in a kit. Depending on the needs of your truck, as well as your experience with attaching them, you'll want to make sure you get the right pair for your truck.


The last thing you want to do is go back to the store (or wait for an online order) because your mudflaps don't fit the make or model of truck you own. Depending on the brand of car you have, for example, the mud flaps may be entirely different.


Most mud flaps are made from heavy-duty rubber, but you'll also find some made from plastic. The plastic ones tend to have fewer designs than the ones made of heavy rubber.


Heavy mud flaps or splash guards will not blow backward due to wind or high-speed driving. This prevents the elements from getting in and ruining your fender, which is the job you're hoping gets done with your investment.


Are you a Ford or Chevy person? (Check here for a fun survey). Each company sells specific splash guards to show off your fandom. You can also get designs that represent your country or even favorite sports team.

Keep in mind that the heavy duty rubber flaps are more likely to be customized. The plastic ones will likely be more generic, though they can still get the job done.

Best Mud Flaps: Wrap-Up

The best mud flaps for your truck will be heavy duty, fit correctly (because you did your research), and come with a decent weight so they do the job they're supposed to -- protect your truck.

For more about mud flaps and other truck gear, check out our blog


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    Have a 1998 Kenworth 3406 cat you have cat mud flaps 34×36 flaps

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