How to Find the Perfect LED Light Bars for Your Diesel Truck

How to Find the Perfect LED Light Bars for Your Diesel Truck

The need for LED light bars has grown increasingly in trucks over the last few years.

Not only do they look great, they are also an added safety feature -- making the truck that little bit safer when on the road at nighttime.

In addition, they can be used as a light source when work is taking place on-site.

But what is the best method of selecting the right LED light bars for your truck?

Let's take a look.

Shapes and Sizes, Beams and Brightness

When choosing the best light bars for your vehicle, consider the size, shade, color, shape, and brightness of the bar you're looking to purchase.

There are certain aspects that you may not have thought about as well.

Beam Configuration

The different beams include flood beams, combo beams, spot beams and diffuse means.

Some bars, however, come in the form of a mix of these. Combo beams bring both flood and spot beams together in one LED light bar.

These are measured in degrees.

Think about precisely what you want to install a light beam onto your truck for, and which degree angle you'll need for it to function effectively.

Efficiency and Voltage

Light efficiency is calculated in lumens per Watt. If you're in the market for a stronger beam you're looking for a higher lm/W - which also means better LED quality.

With Input voltage, the wider the voltage range the better the LED light bars.

9-30VDC is the standard voltage range.

Intrusion Protection

This is something you'll want to consider when measuring an LED light bar's resistance in wet or dusty surroundings.

These are typically rated from IP65 to IP69K, with the most common one being an IP68 rating.

Other Factors When Choosing an LED Beam Bar

Heat can be problematic to light bars. Too much of it from the appliance reduces its quality and you are likely to require a replacement unit 90% sooner than you would do normally.

This can be caused by an excess amount of heat being exuded, mostly due to LEDs that have too much current running through them and uneven heat dissipation.

It's best to look at investing in a light bar with a long, low-hanging wiring harness that features particular function controls: a waterproof/dustproof connector, a relay, a fuse holder and a heavy-duty switch.

The better bars on the market will also have adjustable stainless steel mounting brackets that are sturdy against vibrations and rocky terrain.

You can also purchase these as an accessory.

Light bars with a good warranty (lifetime or 10 years) are most certainly preferable. Often, the more expensive light bars will end up being of better quality and last longer too.

It's worth the investment.

It's in the Details

Think about the area of your truck that the bar is going to be mounted on to. Whether it's a front white bar or a rear red LED bar, measure the area in inches before you buy.

Should you buy a flat bar or a curved one? Would you prefer it in black or chrome?

All of these last details are what you'll need to keep in mind when in the market for this accessory.

A Wide Selection

If you're looking for a LED light bar for your diesel truck, we have the selection for you, stocking the best of the best.

Head on over to our lighting page and take a look at the variety we sell.

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