How to Upgrade Your Diesel Wheels

How to Upgrade Your Diesel Wheels

Are you tired of your stock tires? I know I need more personality and added performance.

You are not the only one. Did you know that the average truck owner spends $2,000 on upgrades and accessories?

Truck enthusiasts pride themselves on showmanship. It's an unspoken competition that takes place as owners size each other up.

But it's important to be a smart consumer. Upgrading your diesel wheels adds resale value and increases performance.

Let's talk about the tire selection process.

Once you're equipped with the info you'll be ready to customize with confidence. 

What Are You Made Of?

When upgrading your diesel wheels material selection will be an important decision.

The main decision is deciding between Steel and Aluminum. Each material has its benefits and it's setbacks. You should first consider the type of life your truck is going to live.

Is it a workhorse that pulls a heavy load? Off-roads and lives on the work-site?

Or is it more for highway driving? Built for speed, racing, and controllability?

Let's break down each material:

Steel Rims

  • Steel wheels are heavier, but also less expensive.
  • Steel rims are built for durability. They can withstand the force of off-roading and the pressure of hauling heavy loads.
  • Steel is less porous, resistant to break-down, and scores high in longevity.

Steel is the workhorse. But because of the stamped construction, there are fewer style options. They might not be the ideal choice for an owner who wants a truly unique look.

Aluminum Alloy

  • Cast alloy wheels made in a low-pressure setting allow for more flexibility in design.
  • Alloy is rust-resistant with a shine that lasts longer.
  • Aluminum Alloy is a porous material that allows air to flow through. This helps the brakes to cool down quicker.
  • Their light construction makes them perfect for trucks built for speed. 

Check out all the amazing options for customization. Keep in mind material impacts performance. 

What are Dually Tires?

I first thought this was a strange name. Turns out it's actually pretty self-explanatory. Dually trucks have two sets of "dual" tires on the back axel.

If I did the math correctly that equals 6, not 4 tires.

But why? Is it only for looks?


  • Increases hauling stability, and safety
  • Increased breaking performance due to improved tread contact
  • Less load per tire
  • Safer in the event of a flat tire


  • Does not offer greater hauling capabilities
  • Added cost of tires and set-up
  • Can be more to register and insure

Weigh your options carefully deciding on Dually tires. No doubt they add a presence to your diesel wheels but they also add additional costs and maintenance.

There are many ways to add power to your diesel truck.

Adding Value by Upgrading Diesel Wheels

Upgrading rims adds visual appeal, increases performance, and immediately adds value.

Use Kelly Blue Book to track your trucks resale value. Overspending can affect your ability to make your money back.

Diesel Power Gear is here for all your upgrade questions. We live for trucks so feel free to contact us with any and all questions.