Is Your Truck Exhausted

Is Your Truck Exhausted



If you’re looking for that next upgrade to give your truck a little more boost, then your exhaust is great option. Your exhaust does a number of things. First, its primary function is to remove the exhaust from your engine and pipe it to the rear of your truck. This eliminates any harmful fumes from entering your cab and causing a dangerous situation like carbon monoxide poisoning. The second important thing your exhaust system does is to reduce the sound of your truck. Many of us enjoy the new diesels that are so quiet you can hardly tell they are diesels. Some want the neighbors to know when they come home. On some vehicles starting in 2005, you will also find emissions equipment as part of your exhaust. The emissions components include Catalytic converters and also diesel particulate filters, which are part of any diesel vehicle these days. It is illegal to remove these emissions components, so don’t bother to look at options, unless you want to create a headache for yourself later.

The main benefits of an aftermarket exhaust is to increase the flow of the exhaust from your engine. The stock muffler is restrictive. Your engine is basically an air pump so the more air you can get out of the engine the more air you can put in. By adding an exhaust that flows more air, it will let the engine get the burned exhaust out faster. This will allow you to add more fresh air and fuel, which equals more power. The other big benefit of this higher exhaust flow is that it helps to cool the exhaust faster which can lower your exhaust temperatures and allows your turbo and engine to run cooler. When your exhaust temperature is cooler you can make more power and not worry about high exhaust temperatures.

If you own a pre-2005 vehicle, then there are numerous exhaust options. You can choose from a single or dual exhaust, stacks, or rear exit. There is also stainless steel or aluminized pipe options. The stainless steel can be polished or just plain finished. Stainless costs a bit more, but because it won’t rust it will last for a very long time. The aluminized pipe is coated to help prevent rust so it is cheaper. However, depending on your climate it will eventually rust and need to be replaced. There is also the diameter of the exhaust to think about. You can choose from 4 inch or 5 inch for most trucks. The 4 inch is the most common and works great for most of the daily drivers. The larger exhaust is for those trucks that are highly modified. If you choose the dual exhaust system then you may have to lose your spare tire. If you are one that does not want to lose your spare tire you will need to verify this before purchasing. If you choose to go with stacks remember that you will have to cut holes in your bed and you will lose some bed space.

If you own a 2005 or newer truck then you will be somewhat limited. You will have to stick to a CAT back system or a DPF back system. These systems include less pipe and are a bolt in kit that are fairly simple to install. You will see benefits of increased power and torque and can also improve the sound of your truck.   You also have the options for stainless steel or aluminized.

The final finishing touch on any exhaust is the tip of your exhaust. There are a number of options for this and most exhaust kits come with a tip or options to select the tip style you prefer. You can choose from polished stainless steel or even a colored tip. You can also choose what size you want. The most common choice for size is one inch larger than your exhaust size. However, there are options to go bigger if that is what you want.

With all these options you will need to do your homework, but there is a kit for everyone. We have some options for you so check them out here.

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