Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool



Now that summer is in full swing, you might have noticed that your truck is not performing as well as it did in the cooler months.   Heat is a performance killer and an enemy to horsepower. This heat is introduced in a couple of key areas. The first area is the air intake. On just about all diesel engines today the air intake is supplemented by a turbo charger, which adds heat when it compresses the air intake. The other area of heat is the cooling system. Your radiator needs a maximum amount of air flow to keep the engine coolant cooled.

So how do we combat this issue of heat?

The air intercooler cools the high temperature compressed air from the turbo charger before it enters the engine. When you increase boost pressure you increase the air density by packing in more air, but then you have to deal with extra hot air. When the intercooler cools this air it increases the density of the air going to your engine and allows the engine to make more power. A cooler charge of air to your engine will also lower your EGT’s.

A larger intercooler will also allow better cooling of the compressed air. Many of the stock intercoolers are made with price in mind, so they are not as efficient in cooling and also not as durable. You can replace your intercooler with a larger unit that will allow improved cooling and also increase the efficiency by reducing restrictions. They will also be built to handle more boost pressure.  

Due to the mounting location of the intercooler, it also blocks the engine coolant radiator. The intercooler needs to allow air to pass through it to the radiator. If your intercooler is restricting air flow, then you will also have engine cooling issues.

Banks Power makes intercoolers that will solve these issues. First, they allow more boost to your engine due to less restriction. They also do a better job of cooling the air charge from the turbo charger, which will increase the air density and allow you to make more power. Finally, they allow more air flow to the radiator, which will make your engine run cooler and allow your truck to work harder.  

If you are looking to put the cool back into your truck, then check out the Banks Power intercoolers and kits that we offer on our website.

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