Latest and Greatest: 4 Diesel Truck Upgrades

Latest and Greatest: 4 Diesel Truck Upgrades

Did you know that diesel vehicles make up about 3% of automobile sales in the United States?

Reliable and economical with fuel, diesel trucks are loved by many. Beyond being a standout vehicle, diesel trucks also allow for a great deal of customization through upgrades.

Ready to start adding some love to your truck? Keep reading below for four diesel truck upgrades you should definitely consider!

1. Upgrade the Exhaust

There are plenty of upgrades available to purchase, but you should first focus your money on one of the few spots where it will matter most: the exhaust system.

By upgrading and improving the exhaust system, you will improve the overall performance. Additionally, your engine will run much smoother. This means boosted horsepower and torque.

Another benefit to upgrading your exhaust in your diesel truck? You likely will achieve the deep sound some owners seek with their diesel truck.

Upgrading your exhaust system is also good to start with because it's an easy installation. Most can be bolted to your truck with common hand tools.

2. Go Turbo

By including turbochargers in your options of diesel truck upgrades, you achieve two things. First, turbocharges increase the aesthetics of your truck. They look cool but also serve a purpose.

They provide a charge upgrade and let your truck have more power. With the addition of a turbocharger, you will achieve higher fuel output and lower emissions. This all means better efficiency overall.

Because you will need to place your car on a hydraulic lift, only attempt installation if you have experience. Otherwise, let a trusted professional do the work.

3. Cold Air Intake

While hot air coming into your engine won't damage it, it certainly won't benefit it in the long run. If you want to seriously upgrade your truck and change this, consider installing a cold air intake kit.

Buying and installing one of these kits will seriously increase your truck's horsepower and overall performance.

The performance will be improved because there will be more oxygen moving through your engine.

4. Performance Chip

Ever know something is wrong with your truck, but can't figure it out? Wish your truck could just talk to you and tell you what is wrong? While that possibility likely only exists in your dreams, you can actually get close in real life.

Consider installing a performance chip or tuner to have access to a great deal of data. With an installed chip, you can have the power to make adjustments that will lead to a more efficient truck.

There are different settings depending on the goals you want to achieve. These frequently include economy or performance. There is also usually a large display so you can easily access and read the output.

The best news? Installing one of these chips or tuners is incredibly simple. Remove it from the packing and plug it into your truck's OBD port.

Get Your Diesel Truck Upgrades Today

As you can see, there are many great options if you're interested in upgrading your truck. Which one will you choose first?

Regardless of what upgrades you decide to go with, be sure to check out these tips to keep your truck performing at an optimal level!


  • Jim

    Have a 07 Ram 2500 6.7 Cummins with Delete kit on it but the engine light stays on all the time. What can I do to turn it off.

  • Brett Stillings

    What would it take for you guys to modify my 1986 1 ton 4 wheel drive into a diesel Powerhouse Wednesday

  • David

    Exhaust upgrade will work MUCH, MUCH better with a monster ram intake!

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