The Only Tire You Will Ever Want

The Only Tire You Will Ever Want


legion tires

Good things come to those who wait! That's right, the tire designed and tested by us is here and officially for sale. We couldn't be happier! Come be a part of our diesel family with our all new Legion Tires. These rugged and durable tires are built to last and add a bold look to your ride.


What makes Legion tires some of the hottest in the market today?


  1. These tires are manufactured and engineered right here in the USA by Cooper Tires. In fact, they are the only new tire brand launched in the USA in over a decade.


  1. The unique tread pattern helps resist irregular wear tendencies, which leads to a quieter ride when cruising down the highway. The pattern of the lightning bolt ejector rib is designed to keep stones out and resist stone drilling. (Keeps the rocks from getting to the groove bottom and cause damage.) Look close and you will notice our trademark in the tread pattern. Pretty cool, huh?


  1. The 3-ply Armor Tek 3 Carcass construction absorbs tire impact forces that can damage tire in harsh off-road conditions.


  1. The beveled edges of the tire reduce cut and chip propagation and the coupled silica tread compound enhances wet traction and cut/chip resistance.


Now if you are in the market for some new tires for your diesel or maybe just looking to upgrade, look no further than our Diesel Power Legion Tires. These tires are bigger, stronger, and more capable than ever!


  • Wayne Franklin

    Are you guys gonna make a Lt275/65r20 stock size for my 2011 powerstroke in the near future?

  • gary

    I can’t seem find anywhere on your site about the expected tire life on your legion tire?

  • Thomas Erle Williams

    Right now I have Mickey Thompson ATZ. I can’t seem to find these tires being reviewed anywhere. Just trying to find if the Ride is quieter than my Mickey’s it is tread life better than my Mickey’s. Would just like to see some kind a comparison before I buy?

  • Kevin Jones

    Do you offer a 37 or 38 in a 15inch rim I’m rebuilding a 1983 GMC k1500 and love the show and the tires would love to have some

  • William Mince

    what happen to Patriot Tires now your pushing Legion Tires

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