Keep The Mud On The Road

Keep The Mud On The Road



If you want to keep your truck and trailer looking good and protected from the elements of the road, then mud flaps are a must have accessory. Many overlook the importance of what a mud flap actually does.


Also known as splash guards and mud guards, mud flaps are an inexpensive way to not only help protect your ride, but other vehicles too. Think about all the loose gravel, grime, slush, and other debris from the road that your tires sling up as you drive. Without the protection that mud flaps offer, your fender and rocker panels will experience potential rock chips from road debris, which then can lead to corrosion. That can be a very costly fix.


Spending a little money now on mud flaps will save you time and money in the future. Picking the right mud flap is important. How do you know which is the best for your ride?


WeatherTech® has you covered. No matter what make or model you drive, they offer an option for everyone. Each mud flap is laser measured for a perfect fit and is made from a proprietary thermoplastic resin, which means it is built to weather the conditions. You can easily install in minutes without removing the tires and without drilling into your vehicle's paint. This is a unique feature of WeatherTech®'s mud flaps.


Some states require 50% of your tires to be covered. So if you have a lifted truck you may need mud flaps to keep your vehicle legal on the roads. Be sure to check out your own state's laws!

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