Pump Up the Power

Pump Up the Power


LIFT PUMP systems

You deserve maximum power and response every time you throw the pedal to the medal in your beloved diesel. However, if you want a high performing diesel engine, then you must make some after market improvements to get this power.


Installing a lift pump system from AirDog® will increase the horsepower and throttle response while providing the benefit of a smoother idle and longer injector life. It's a win - win for you and your ride!


Having a high performance diesel engine means it needs better fuel supply. Today all the diesel trucks on the market use a common rail fuel system. What is common rail? Common rail refers to the rail that sends fuel to each injector. This fuel rail on a common rail system is one rail where all the injectors get fuel from this rail on each bank, if on a V style engine. The previous version fuel systems use a common fuel pump with individual fuel lines to each injector. With a common rail system you can see fuel pressure on the rail from 20,000 psi and higher. This higher pressure helps to atomize the fuel, which will make more power with less emissions and allow better fuel efficiency. It also uses a computerized controlled injector that allows precise timing and quantity of the injected fuel.


Due to this higher fuel pressure demand the fuel system uses a high pressure pump that draws fuel from the fuel tank and then pressurizes it and sends it to the fuel rail. This pump is doing double duty by not only providing the high pressure fuel, but also by pulling fuel from the tank. This can cause the pump to run out of fuel at high fuel supply situations. This higher demand causes increased wear on the pump internals and shortens its life. As your fuel level goes down you can also get air bubbles in the fuel tank and this causes aeration in the fuel system which will cause low power and also can damage the pump and injectors at high pressure.


The AirDog® eliminates this problem. AirDog® works by using the Fuel Preporator®. This is a lift pump and filter system that removes the entrained air, water, particulates and vapors from the fuel.


How does this work? Well, the fuel passes through the water separator and removes the water and particulates, then it enters the fuel pump and the remaining contaminates are filtered out and the entrained air is separated and returned to the fuel tank. The fuel is now clean and also under pressure to the high pressure pump. This results in improved fuel supply to allow the high pressure pump to create the required pressure without any of the damaging contaminates. Now that your fuel system is clean you will have a smoother running engine and also piece of mind that your injectors and high pressure pump will last a long time without any issues. You will also see better performance, increased power and better fuel economy.


AirDog® has paired with PureFlow® Technologies, Inc and is housed in Shelbyville, Indiana. Their fuel separation systems have become some of the most popular after-market fuel system for diesel pickups.



Pump up the power in your truck!  

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