The Shock Factor

The Shock Factor



Do you have a new truck and the ride is not quite what you are expecting? Or does your older truck have a few miles on it and you notice it does not ride like it used to? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, your truck needs a shock upgrade.  


A shock absorber's primary function is to help absorb the bumps in the road and to keep the vehicle from moving uncontrollably. Shocks work in conjunction with a type of spring apparatus in the suspension system. If you are familiar with a spring, then you know if you compress it and let it go it will shoot in the direction it is pointed. Shock absorbers are filled with an oil based fluid and/or nitrogen gas that helps to keep pressure against the spring to keep it from shooting to the sky. They absorb the spring pressure to slow it down and only allow it to move up and down at a rate that will keep the tires in constant contact with the road and keep the vehicle from bouncing.


If you want to improve or even change the ride of your vehicle then you need to take a look at new shocks. There are a number of different shocks out there for every type of driving style. You need to select one for the kind of ride you want. Especially if you have lifted your truck, you need to take a careful look at your shocks to make sure they properly fit and provide the support that they should.


Bilstein shocks give you the perfect ride at the perfect height. They continue to lead the market in their damping technology to provide the ultimate performance both on and off-road. Bilstein offers shocks that can increase the vehicle's carrying capacity and provide precise adjustments to help reduce the bounce and uncontrolled movement. If your ride is too stiff or too soft they also have a shock for you.


Most manufacturers recommend to replace your shocks after 50k miles.

Bilstein shocks are a great replacement for your worn out shocks to bring that new ride feel back to your older truck.


Enjoy your ride day to day whether you are cruising on or off-road. Shocks do matter. We can help.

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