Put the Control Back in Your Hands

Put the Control Back in Your Hands



Have you made some modifications to your older diesel? Whenever you upgrade your truck with a lift, shocks, and bigger tires, the way your truck rides is altered. Making sure you upgrade all the components is an important factor. This includes swapping out your stock steering stabilizer.


What is the job of the steering stabilizer? The name alone, steering stabilizer, is a bit deceiving because it doesn't control steering at all. In fact, it doesn't correct any steering problems that you may have. The purpose of this stabilizer is that it dampens or stabilizes the side to side movement of the wheels. Have you ever noticed your ride may wobble back and forth because of the bigger tires? People call that the death wobble. If the steering stabilizer is doing its job, then your vehicle will not sway so much. It makes you feel more in control of your truck.


Steering stabilizers are only on older trucks with solid front axles. It's attached to the front tie rod arm which is then attached to the vehicle's front axle.   It is basically a shock absorber similar to the suspension shocks.


There are a couple of options available when it comes to a steering stabilizer. Most people purchase just a single stabilizer. However, if you have extra large tires and suspension, then you may want to consider a dual stabilizer.


How do you know if it needs replaced? If you notice any signs of leaking coming from the stabilizer or it has any damage to it, then it needs replaced. Also if your steering wheel is shaky when you drive, that's a good sign that it might be time for a new stabilizer.


Skyjacker® is a company who has been in the suspension market for the last 40 years. Their cutting-edge technology brings ride quality, comfort, and performance together in their line of products.


Eliminate the wobble on the road and put the control back into your hands with an upgraded steering stabilizer.


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  • Nathan Johnson

    I currently have a 07 kj 4 door that i would eventually like to do an engine swap to make it a diesel. It currently has some modifications but i would like to make it bad ass. It currently is a daily driver. I work like 70 hours a week and dont have much time or money to put into my jeep. At this time it would mostly be a show jeep. Any suggestions?

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