The Difference in Efficiency Between a Diesel Engine vs Gas Engine

The Difference in Efficiency Between a Diesel Engine vs Gas Engine

For most diesel guys, it's no mystery which type of engine wins.

When it comes to diesel engines vs gas, the winner is clear. For everything from power to efficiency, diesel engines often blow their gas-powered counterparts out of the water.

The question is ... what are the real differences between gas and diesel engines? Are diesels really more efficient? Are they really more powerful?

Or do we just assume they are because, well ... we drive one?

Keep reading for a closer look at the difference in efficiency between a diesel engine vs gas engine.

It Starts at the Source

If you drive a diesel, you know it's more efficient than a gas truck or car. But do you know why?

With diesel engines, the improved efficiency starts right at the source. The fuel itself is literally designed to be more efficient than regular gasoline.

Diesel fuel is more energy dense than gasoline and delivers anywhere from 18% to 30% more energy when burned for fuel!

Add to this the fact that diesel is simpler and cheaper to refine, plus less volatile and easier to transport, and it makes you wonder why we aren't all driving diesels.

Compression is King

Another big advantage diesel engines have over their gas-powered cousins is the efficiency of high compression.

By design, diesels have very high compression. Higher compression is, of course, necessary for a diesel engine to function. Without spark plugs, or a similar function, diesels rely on high compression for ignition.

But higher compression levels also make diesels more efficient by allowing them to burn fuel more fully and quicker--requiring less fuel and wasting less of it too.

The ultra-high PSI used by the injectors in modern diesel engines also ensures that just enough fuel makes it where it needs to be and is burned quickly and efficiently.

The Truth About Power

Power is another big difference between diesel and gas engines.

While diesels certainly take the cake in the torque game, they're not necessarily the best choice when it comes to everyday performance and drivability. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why diesel cars and trucks have not been nearly as popular in the US as they are in other parts of the world.

Fuel Economy

With diesel engines, fuel economy is nearly always better than gas engines. This is true simply because they're more efficient than gas motors.

As we pointed out above, diesel engines burn fuel more efficiently and fully and operate in a more efficient way overall. This allows diesel motor to get better mileage--scoring you points at the pump.

Diesel Engine vs Gas Engine: Which One Really Wins?

When it comes to the diesel engine vs gas engine debate, the winner is clear. If you're looking for a more efficient engine, look no further than a diesel.

Diesels operate much more efficiently than gas-powered engines, burning fuel more cleanly and fully. Plus, diesel is a simpler, more efficient fuel to start with.

For more on diesel engines and trucks, check out the rest of the blog.


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