The Pros and Cons Between Diesel vs Gas Trucks

The Pros and Cons Between Diesel vs Gas Trucks

For those who prefer a truck versus a car, there are many reasons behind that decision. Once converted into a truck buyer, it's rare to see anyone go back.

There are just too many benefits. But you still have to choose which make and model truck fits your needs best. Part of that decision is choosing between diesel and gas.

While efforts are underway to reduce the effect gas and diesel have on the environment, right now those differences are minimal. Let's go over the pros and cons of diesel vs gas trucks.

Diesel Vs Gas Trucks Based On Cost

Since cost will always be a leading factor in a consumer's purchasing decision, let's discuss it first. There is a difference between gasoline and diesel when it comes to cost.

The truth is that diesel costs more up front. That's been true for a long time and it's unlikely to change anytime soon. You should expect to pay a few thousand dollars extra for a diesel vs gas trucks.

Expect to pay even more if you're comparing heavy-duty truck models. However, those are just the upfront costs. Over the lifespan of your truck, you might end up saving money on diesel fuel.

Diesel Fuel Facts

One of the benefits of diesel is that you can easily buy it at any fuel stations. And it's less expensive than gas.

Keep in mind that if you live in a colder climate, diesel engines are harder to start the colder it gets. However, most trucks are available with engine block heaters to alleviate this situation but you will need to find an electrical outlet to use the engine block heater.

Even so, if you're planning on using your truck for a long time, put a lot of miles on it, or for towing items, you could save money using diesel. After 150,000 miles you should start seeing the savings.

Maintenance Costs

The difference between gasoline and diesel shows when it comes to maintenance costs. It's far cheaper to maintain a gas-fueled truck than a diesel truck.

Diesel truck parts like starters, alternators, water pumps, and batteries all cost more than parts for gas engines. There are other factors like turbocharger maintenance, selective catalytic reduction (SCR), and emission system maintenance and repair that are not present in gas engines.

You may also find it more difficult to find a repair person who is adept at making diesel truck repairs.

Resale Benefits

For those planning on selling their truck, diesel generally offers better resale value than gas. The higher resale value makes it a smarter choice for anyone considering leasing a truck.

Is Diesel Better Than Gas When It Comes To Power

Most people purchase trucks because of the added power a truck offers. Those who are hauling large, heavy items require additional power to get the job done.

Which makes you wonder, is diesel better than gas when it comes to power? Let's find out.

The answer of diesel vs gas is in the questions you ask yourself before you make the purchase. Are you planning on towing large loads frequently?

Will you use your truck to commute each day on the highway? Does better mpg or torque mean more to you?


How you plan on using your truck will ultimately determine how much power you require. Diesel engines have an advantage over gas when it comes to torque.

This is important because the extra torque allows your truck to do its job well. For those looking to use their truck for frequent, heavy duty hauling and/or towing will find diesel outperforms gas for these types of tasks.

Diesel engines also have great fuel economy and longevity to help them get long hauling jobs done.


The difference between gasoline and diesel when it comes to power is that gas offers more horsepower. But that's only a guideline, not a hard and fast rule and it's only when comparing gas and diesel trucks with similar engine displacements.

And it's worth noting that the horsepower gap between diesel vs gas has narrowed over the years. At one point, gas was able to offer 50 horsepower more than a comparable diesel. Now, it's about half that.

While horsepower is definitely a selling point, it won't tell you the whole story about a truck's capabilities or utility.

Style & Class

While style and class are always a users preference, most of us do want our trucks to make us look good. Let's take a look at some style and class factors.

Some people consider a diesel engine to be messier and less clean than their gas counterparts. However, some people love a diesel truck for that exact reason.

Diesel trucks are also noisier and sometimes provides a rougher ride than a gas truck. However, thanks to upgrades in technology, they have become much quieter.


One difference between gasoline and diesel trucks is that there are more gas trucks on the market. Yet, that shouldn't be a reason to not consider buying a diesel truck.

Most manufacturers offer diesel powertrains with their mainstream models. The manufacturers actually actively market the advantages of their diesel engines.

No matter if you prefer diesel vs gas, both types of trucks are highly customizable, making them a perfect choice for anyone with specific needs or preferences.

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