The Ultimate Guide to Diesel Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Diesel Maintenance

A well-maintained, new diesel engine can give you up to 25% more miles per gallon than the average new gasoline-powered engine. On top of that, a diesel engine's lifespan can be twice as long as the life of a standard gasoline engine.

The only thing keeping your diesel engine from lasting for years to come is how seriously you take diesel maintenance.

While there were myths that older diesel engines polluted less than petroleum burning cars, that myth has finally come true. We now have proof that the latest in diesel technology has a lower carbon imprint than gasoline-powered cars.

To keep your diesel engine running efficiently for the next decade or more, follow these five steps for ultimate diesel maintenance.

1. Keep It Cool For The Best Diesel Maintenance

Monitoring your engine's coolant levels is essential to keeping your engine in tip-top shape. Coolant needs to be looked at regularly because the longer you run coolant through the system, the more acidic it gets.

That acidic coolant can start to burn through parts of your system, like your radiator. Have it checked out and flushed on a regular schedule. Acidity tests can be run to keep a close watch.

2. Cleanliness Is Important

To preserve the parts of your engine, you need to keep it clean. Dirt and grime on your engine will shorten the running life.

Grime can cause burns, rotting, and inefficiencies in your engine. Flushing and changing filters is your best bet to maintain a clean engine.

3. Fuel Filters Every 10K Miles

Regularly changed filters will make sure your engine stays in optimal condition. You might have two fuel filters, a primary and then a secondary one to back it up. Never replace just one.

Have this done every 10-15,000 miles.

4. Air Filters Changed Regularly

Take a look at your air filter every few months or 10,000 miles. Inspect it whenever you open the hood. The frequency of replacement relies most heavily on your climate and how polluted the air is.

You can look at it without removing the filter itself. When it's time for a change, take the whole unit out for a replacement.

5. Regular Oil Changes

It's appropriate to change your oil every 5,000 miles or so. If you do a lot of high-torque towing or lifting with your engine, you might need more frequent service.

Monitor it just like you would a gas-powered engine to see if fluids or low or viscosity seems off.

Diesel Maintenance Saves Money

Getting to know your own engine could help you to save money on service. Most of the regular maintenance that needs to be done can be serviced in your own garage. Once you get the hang of it, you can buy filters in bulk and save big.

If you're looking for more tips on diesel engines, contact us to learn more.


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