These Diesel Tech Innovations Are Saving The Future Of Diesel

These Diesel Tech Innovations Are Saving The Future Of Diesel

Can diesel tech save the diesel engine?

Diesel engines have been in the news quite a bit lately. Volkswagen was caught fudging its emissions tests in 2015.

Major cities from Mexico City to Athens are moving to ban diesel engines from city centers. A German court recently ruled that German cities can ban diesel engines.

This backlash is forcing engine manufacturers like Daimler to rethink how the engines are manufactured. This is creating a new wave of diesel tech.

Keep reading to learn what the latest innovations are.

Internal Combustion Assistance

Perhaps the biggest diesel tech innovation is the Internal Combustion Assistance (ICA) engine from HyTech Power.

What it does is adds hydrogen and oxygen to fuel before it combusts, making the engine more efficient. That idea isn't new, but how the process works it.

ICA uses electrolysis to remove oxygen and hydrogen from water and the hydrogen molecules are carried to the engine and mixed with fuel and air just before combustion.

Hydrogen burns faster and generates more power than diesel fuel, which in turn reduces emissions.

Initially, the electrolysis process relied on the alternator, which wasn't very efficient and didn't result in real fuel efficiency gains.

The company then created an electrolyzer that is smaller and more efficient, which has made huge strides in fuel efficiency.

The best news is that HyTech can retrofit any diesel engine. That's a diesel upgrade that's worth considering. It's a bit of an investment up front, but you could make that money back in fuel savings in a matter of months.

48 Volt Hybrid

The standard battery has been 12 volts. That's changing as more parts are demanding more electrical resources.

Think about it, you have infotainment, manufacturers have made parts more efficient like electric vacuum pumps.

These take a hit on the battery and its resources are stretched to the max.

Enter the 48-volt system. It's a battery pack, and in some cases, it has an alternator, which can turn a combustible engine into a hybrid. It's not going to replace the 12-volt battery, but it will be an additional resource.

The system is very inexpensive to get, and you get the benefits and efficiency of having a hybrid.

This hasn't lit the world on fire yet, but it's expected to be in 20% of all vehicles by 2025.

A Software Update Can Reduce Emissions

One of the issues with current emissions standards is that they're mostly due to old vehicles that are still on the road. If they had to change the car's hardware to make emissions improvements, vehicles would cost thousands of dollars more.

Daimler said that by issuing software updates to its entry-class vehicles, they could reduce emissions by 20-30%.

Diesel Tech Can Save The Diesel Engine

Because there's been such a huge backlash against the diesel engine over the past few years, manufacturers have been pushed into a corner.

They either innovate or die. Fortunately, the manufacturers have stepped up with some amazing innovations.

Stay tuned to this blog for news and updates on the latest diesel news and trends.