Get Grounded

Get Grounded



As a diesel owner you love the power that your truck can produce. The more power you add the better, right? Well, more power wreaks havoc to your driveline, axles, and suspension. When adding this extra power to your truck, you need to make sure everything is functioning, as it should in the rear. Installing traction bars on your ride will help keep the power on the ground, as it should be.


When you mash on the pedal, the torque tries to create that S shape in the leaf spring. When it bounces back, it causes the wheels to hop up and down and lose the traction to the ground. This is a problem known as axle wrap. If not controlled it will tear up anything from your transmission all the way back to your axle shafts. Don't let this damage happen to you.


Back in the 60s and 70s, muscle cars used traction bars to eliminate this axle wrap and to keep the tires planted on the ground for maximum traction to get down the track. Today we are seeing fewer traction bars on muscle cars and more on trucks.


Traction bars are typically rigid bars of steel that connect to your rear axle and then travel forward and connect to the truck frame. This long support bar allows the rear axle to move up and down like normal, but the extra length being mounted to the frame keeps your axle from wrapping which will keep your tires planted on the ground.


Pro Comp and Tuff Country offer lateral traction or ladder bars that are engineered to fit your truck perfectly. The bars are designed in a way so you don't have to give up ground clearance or suspension articulation. They are finished off in a black powder coat so they will look good for years to come.


Stop the axel wrap from happening by installing some traction bars. Your truck will be happy to keep the tires on the ground.

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