Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Where the Rubber Meets the Road



Every truck needs a good set of tires. Tires are like shoes. If you find the right ones, they will make you comfortable and look good at the same time. There are a number of different tires out there depending on what tire store you choose to purchase from. It can be overwhelming knowing which is the right one for your truck. So let’s break down a few styles and types of tires.


M/T - Mud Terrain

If you want your truck to stand out, then you want to look at the M/T (Mud Terrain) type tires as these will have the larger tread pattern and the most aggressive look.

This look has its benefits especially if you like to go off-road. However, this look does not come without its down sides. These types of tires will usually have more road noise and will wear faster along with reduced fuel economy.


A/T - All Terrain

If you're not heading to the dunes or the local mud hole every weekend and want something a little more on the mild side, then an A/T (All Terrain) tire might fit the bill.

The A/T tires are a great all-around tire that will give you lower road noise, but still give you the ability to go off-road on occasions when needed. These tires will also give you better fuel economy and last longer.



Highway tires are available in case you spend all your time on the highway and want the best fuel economy or you might need them for the higher road speed rating.



In case you like the larger wheel size with the lower profile tires, then you might also need to look at a more performance based tire which will also enhance the look of your truck. You may be able to find something in an A/T tread so you can still have some good performance off-road, but the benefits of the lower profile tire will be its handling and fuel economy. You can also get some good looking sport performance tires that will have great tread designs to keep you looking good while on the road. However, you will want to check the load rating in case you want to tow as these types of tires do not have the load rating of a standard M/T or A/T tire.

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  • Gary Allen Payne

    I just want to say that even though I can’t afford to buy your stuff I love it. I have been to diesel school for trucks and enjoy mudding but you guys rock with the cool ideas of your builds . I watch your shows with my boys and hope some day I can do a build with them. Thanks for keeping the builds going and giving me a spark in my step when I watch your shows it’s awesome.

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