Breathing Life Into Your Truck

Breathing Life Into Your Truck



Most all diesel trucks today are equipped with a turbocharger. Turbochargers are considered a power-adder. The cool thing about a turbocharger is that they use energy from your hot exhaust and convert that energy to additional power by putting more air into your engine.

How does it work? The turbocharger uses a turbine or exhaust housing to direct the exhaust gases to the turbine or exhaust wheel. This exhaust wheel is connected to another wheel on the air side called a compressor wheel. The compressor wheel and housing take in fresh air, compress the air, and send it to the engine. When you put more air into your engine you can add more fuel, which will produce more power.

If you are looking to build an all-out race truck or maybe you just need some more towing power out of your Powerstroke, Duramax, or Cummins, then you will want to consider a turbocharger upgrade. Turbochargers come in a number of different sizes and configurations. In order to choose the correct turbocharger for your needs, you need to decide what you are going to do most with your truck. Are you looking for max horsepower for truck pulling or drag racing? Are you looking for something with good drivability, but better pulling power?

A new turbocharger can provide a number of benefits which start with horsepower gains. They can also provide lower EGT’s and better fuel economy in some situations.   The turbo kits from ATS are a true bolt on kit that comes with everything you need to install a new turbocharger.

ATS is one of the leading diesel performance manufacturers in the country that has been providing diesel parts for over 20 years.   They have a turbocharger for just about any need and their products are manufactured right here in the USA.

More power means more fun. Breathe life into your diesel today.

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