The Wheel Deal

The Wheel Deal



Are you looking for some new wheels for your diesel? Do you want heads to turn when people see your truck? Then check out some of the wheels we offer right here at Diesel Power Gear. Of all the upgrades you can put on your ride, nothing is more flashy than a new set of wheels to compliment your tires!


Wheels reflect your personal style. With so many designs and options available, the hard part will be narrowing it down to just one choice.


Moto Metal, Fuel Off-Road, Pro Comp, and RockStar are just a few brands that we offer. Each manufacturer uses the highest quality of material and has both the performance and appearance factor in mind when constructing the perfect wheel.


Choose from black matte, metal matte, black gloss, or chrome - there is an option for everyone. Each wheel comes in a variety of spokes and bolt patterns.


When you have found your perfect wheel, make sure that it fits your tires. There's nothing worse than when you have your heart set on a certain design, color, and material, and then find out that it won't fit your vehicle.


Whether on the road or off, new wheels will offer you style for years to come.


When you upgrade your wheels, it's a great time to upgrade your tires as well. Throwing on some custom wheels with the rugged and bold Legion tires, well, that's a match made in heaven!

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