Sky High: Why and How to Lift a Truck

Sky High: Why and How to Lift a Truck

The nation might have some disagreements about things like football teams or who has the best BBQ sauce. But one thing we can all agree on is that we love trucks.

Trucks took home the majority of all vehicle sales last year. They accounted for a whopping 69% of all sales.

Of course, you already know you love your truck and want to take it to the next level. You want to know more about lifting your ride.

Don't sweat -- we've got all the answers you need. We're going to break down why and how to lift a truck.

Why Lift a Truck?

The easy answer to that question is it just plain looks cool. There are other things to consider when asking why you should lift a truck, though.

There's a debate going on about the safety of lifted trucks. While reports are inconclusive, depending on where you live, driving a bigger vehicle might be your safest bet.

Your neighborhood terrain has a lot to do with your lift, too. Rocks, bumps, mud and more are nothing under those big wheels.

How Will My Truck Change?

Obviously, you're going to ride a lot taller in a lifted truck. Here are some other ways your vehicle will change:

  • Visibility: Riding high gives you a father eye line
  • Steering: You need to consider that your truck's steering will handle differently after a lift and you won't be able to use your emergency brake
  • Stability: After an adjustment period, you'll find your truck's wider wheels grip the road better
  • Clearance: You can get over quite a few obstacles in a lifted truck

There are a few pros and cons to everything. Understanding them will help you answer the question "should I lift my truck?".

How to Lift a Truck

There are two main ways to lift a truck. You can use a body lift or a suspension lift.

They're not exclusive, either. You can use them both together depending on what you want to do.

Just like any cool truck accessory, you can pick a lift kit up at an auto parts store. Let's go over the difference between these two kits. 

Suspension vs. Body Lift

Where your wheels are at are what makes the difference between the two types of lift kits. Here's what you  need to know:

Suspension Lift

A suspension kit raises the truck up, effectively pushing the wheels away from the frame. These kits usually have add-ons that help compensate for changes to alignment, brakes, and other parts.

Body Lift

A body lift kit creates more room for bigger tires on the body of the truck itself. That way, your wheels do all the hard work.

Whichever one you use, you need to get used to the new way your truck drives and compensate for any modifications.

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

So you know why and how to lift a truck. Are you ready to move up in the world?

If so, we've got you covered. Check out the tons of lift kits for many makes and models we've got in our store!

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