To the Rescue

To the Rescue



There's nothing worse than taking your truck off-road and getting stuck, especially if you have no one to recover you! Having your ride equipped with a winch will give you peace of mind to pull you out of any sticky situation. In fact, many experienced off-road enthusiasts say they won't attempt the great outdoors without a winch mounted to their vehicle. The likelihood of getting stuck in the mud, sand, or some other tight spot is almost a guarantee.


Winches and off-roading go hand in hand. The whole purpose behind a winch is to help aid in self-recovery.   Easily attach the cable from your winch to a tree, rock, or some other grounded item and the winch will pull your vehicle so the wheels can gain traction until the vehicle becomes unstuck.


How do you know which is the best winch to choose for your truck?


Winches are rated for different pulling weights so it's important to know how much weight you plan to recover and then bump that number up significantly. You will need to take into account the weight of a fully loaded vehicle when determining which winch you need.


Purchasing a winch alone won't cut it. You need to mount the winch in a way that it won't damage your vehicle or the mounting point. So an aftermarket bumper built specifically for winches is a great upgrade. However, there are other options including hitch mounts that allows the winch to be removed and stored out of the weather, if desired. So don't forget to checkout at all the accessories that are offered for your winch. You will want to consider additional items such as spare cables, straps, and shackles to make sure you are fully ready for your off-road adventure.


With over 70 years of off-road experience, Warn Industries offers some of the most versatile, capable, and durable winches on the market. From high output motors to water and rust resistant parts, Warn has a winch for any heavy-duty job and any off-road recovery effort.


Be sure to follow the care guidelines outlined in your winch's manual and it will last for many years of off-road fun! Let Warn winches come to the rescue!


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